The healthy blood builder

Our Iron is a form that is gentle, absorbable and highly bioavailable. It is in a complex with Vitamin C and Dried Yeast which may enhance its absorption.

3 tablets per day $9.00 every 1 month

Benefits of Iron

Supporting healthy Iron levels, blood formation and immune function

Iron is undoubtedly one of our most important minerals – it is the mineral in our red blood cells that carries oxygen from our lungs to the rest of the body. Insufficient iron levels means that less oxygen will reach vital tissues and organs, which can impact significantly on our energy levels. Our iron needs differ according to our age, stage of life and gender. Vegans, vegetarians, menstruating women and pregnant women generally have a higher requirement for iron.

Iron may support healthy immune function. Iron is required to make haemoglobin, a blood protein that carries oxygen around the body. It also helps to form important mood-related brain chemicals, and to enhance the body’s antioxidant activity. Iron supplementation is of particular importance in supporting healthy blood iron levels.

Supplementation should only be considered if appropriate blood iron testing has been done.

A low iron level is a common nutritional issue. It is primarily seen in women, children and those individuals with dietary restrictions such as vegans and vegetarians. It is estimated that 33% of the world's population may be low in iron. Supplementation with iron has been shown to restore healthy iron levels. However, if one suspects that they are low in iron then it is important to consult with a healthcare professional and have iron levels checked before taking iron supplementation.

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Our Iron

Our Iron is in a form that is gentle, absorbable and highly bioavailable. It is complexed with Vitamin C and Dried Yeast which may enhance its absorption. Vitamin C may also provide an immune support function.

Our Iron contains no wheat, gluten, soy, corn, dairy, nuts, preservatives, artificial flavouring or sweeteners.


The healthy blood builder
Pill Type
3 tablets
Main Ingredients
Iron 7mg (from ferrous fumarate), Vitamin C 12mg, Dried yeast 120mg.
Does not contain
Contains NO wheat, gluten, soy, corn, dairy, nuts, preservatives, artificial flavouring or sweeteners.

Not recommended to be taken by individuals suffering from haemochromatosis.

What quality means to us

1.We start with the science.

The first marker of quality is effectiveness. That’s why we follow an evidence-based approach to nutrition. Unless there is scientific research supporting a nutrient it won’t be included in our recommendations. Research is also clearly categorised as mixed, emerging, strong, very strong or traditionally used remedies.

2.We know our place.

Usually the best way to get the best nutrients is in food. Real food. So we will never advocate vitamins or minerals as a replacement to a balanced diet. Where they have a key role is when, for whatever reason, your daily diet is not delivering what you need.

3.We're transparent.

Nutrition can be very confusing, with many voices & opinions. A quality outcome is about being able to make informed decisions. That’s why you can drill down on each nutrient to find out exactly why it has been recommended, its form, its bio-availability, dose & detailed ingredients.

4.We are multi-source.

You’ll find that our range changes. If the research indicates that the best form of nutrient comes via a particular extraction process or from a new part of the world then that is where we will seek to source those nutrients. As new research or technology emerges we constantly refine which nutrients sit at the heart of each personalised recommendation.