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Minerals are a large group of inorganic compounds that are vital to the healthy functioning of our body. Our body requires them in varying amounts – large, small and trace amounts – and they are involved in literally hundreds of different metabolic processes. Our requirement for minerals can change depending on the stage of our lives, our dietary and lifestyle habits.

When considering mineral supplementation, it is essential to select a form that your body can absorb. Our mineral range provides you with highly absorbable formats of these essential nutrients.

Our Magnesium provides a high potency form of this essential mineral, which may support relaxation, restful sleep, healthy cardiovascular function and healthy bones.

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1 capsule per day $9 every 1 month


Herbal supplements have been traditionally used to support health and wellbeing in many different cultures for centuries. They represent a large group of plant extracts that come directly from nature.

Our herbal extracts are of the highest quality and have been sourced from all over the world, providing only the best natural support possible.

Our Rhodiola is sourced from the Alpine regions of Europe and contains the highest quality Rhodiola rosea root extract. Rhodiola is widely used as an ‘adaptogen’, and may support healthy mood, energy levels and adrenal gland function.

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1 capsule per day $19 every 1 month

Our Ashwagandha consists of the highest quality root extract from Withania Somnifera, providing a standardised Withanolide extract.

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2 capsules per day $24.00 every 1 month

Specialised Nutrients

Specialised nutrients represent a broad range of compounds that are neither vitamins nor minerals. While not always essential to the healthy functioning of our body, these natural extracts may have a powerful impact on various areas of our general health and wellbeing.

We have sourced our specialised nutrients from only the purest natural extracts available.

Our Fish Oil provides you with high-potency Omega 3 Fatty Acids, extracted through gentle processing to preserve its integrity and activity. We have added the Vitamin E for antioxidant support and increased absorption.

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2 softgels per day $16.00 every 1 month