How the Prescription Engine™ creates your personalised recommendation

At the heart of Wondermins is the “Prescription Engine™”. That’s simply our term for the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that processes all your answers when you take the Wondermins questionnaire.

The technology sounds complicated, but the outcome is simple; a good, evidence-backed recommendation that is right for you.

In essence, the Prescription Engine™ builds a profile of what health goals you’re trying to achieve, your age, sex, existing nutritional habits and any existing conditions or dietary supplements that you are taking that we need to be aware of.

Then the system matches that data with the nutrients that current scientific evidence indicates will be most effective to support your objectives.

Along the way it also takes into account “synergistic” nutrients (those that work best together), “contraindications” (nutrients that don’t work well together), plus correct dosages.

There are literally millions of possible combinations. The recommendation that you receive is highly personalised for you based on the data that you share.

The Prescription Engine™ was built by a software development team – but more importantly it is constantly calibrated and “peer-reviewed” (checked) by Nutritional Medicine specialists – who check that the technology consistently makes recommendations that stand up to the scrutiny of a qualified nutritional expert.

Having said that, we do not suggest that a Prescription Engine™ recommendation is in any way a replacement or substitute for your Doctor. If you have serious medical conditions or complex questions, please use your best judgement and see your Doctor.

We do not suggest that the Prescription Engine™ should replace the advice of a qualified Nutritionist or Dietitian either. Our system is no cost and a very good step on the way to better health – but you will get a more in depth recommendation in a consultation with a trained professional.

We believe that the role for the Wondermins Prescription Engine™ system is for the vast majority of people who have never had the time, the inclination or the budget to invest in a proper nutritional supplement recommendation.

However, if you are currently buying nutrients based on what the latest article, your Mum, or an instore salesperson is saying? Then we think the Wondermins system will bring simplicity and evidence-based clarity to an area of health that is incredibly confusing for most people.

Even better, once you receive your recommendation, it’s a great opportunity to get more informed and drill down into the research library that sits behind each nutrient on the website. Your journey to better health is literally a life time journey – we’re just here to help make it a little easier to find the right path.