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The beauty of Wondermins – by Makaia Carr

So for the past 6 months I’ve been taking Wondermins as part of my daily health habits to ensure I supplement the vitamins and minerals that I need in my day to day lifestyle.    The beauty of Wondermins is the fact this concept allows your monthly delivery to be fully personalised to you.   

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The key to calm – part 2 – by Claire Robbie

Last month in my blog we looked at stress, that ubiquitous and overwhelming feeling that can hit us from all angles. You can read that article here. This month we’re going to delve a little deeper into what many believe are some of the most profound tools in managing and even reversing the effects of

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How the Prescription Engine™ creates your personalised recommendation

At the heart of Wondermins is the “Prescription Engine™”. That’s simply our term for the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that processes all your answers when you take the Wondermins questionnaire. The technology sounds complicated, but the outcome is simple; a good, evidence-backed recommendation that is right for you. In essence, the Prescription Engine™ builds a

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How to get beautiful skin for spring/summer – by Christina Leon

Keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy during winter can be quite the challenge, with months of dry indoor air and harsh weather leaving skin looking and feeling dull and a bit blah. With the daffodils a sure sign of warmer times ahead, now is the perfect time to SPRING into the new season and

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Pregnancy and nutritional support for mums and babies, by Brett Friedman

Pregnancy, whether carefully planned or a sudden surprise, is a time of tremendous change. Physiological and hormonal changes kick in together with excitement, apprehension and a host of other emotions which can be positively overwhelming for mum and all involved! Good nutrition and hormonal status are critical to the success of the pregnancy process and

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The key to calm – by Claire Robbie

It’s a word that we hear a lot – stress – it’s peppered into conversations; used lightly and often to describe a state of being that is somewhat fraught, frazzled and overwhelmed. It gets a bad rap when in fact, stress is the body’s normal reaction to any shift that requires a physical, mental, emotional

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The microbiome and probiotics – do we need them and what do they do?

Did you know that you carry around trillions of bacteria? It’s not as scary as it sounds. We need this bacteria to perform vital functions in our bodies. It helps us digest our food; makes some important vitamins; attacks infections and viruses in our bodies and stops ‘bad’ bacteria from taking up residence inside us.

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Did you know New Zealand soils are lacking in certain minerals? – by Brett Friedman

Did you know New Zealand soils are lacking in certain minerals? We look at conditions specific to New Zealand and how to make sure you are getting enough of these nutrients, written by Brett Friedman   From the dramatic high country of the South Island to the sub-tropical north, New Zealand boasts some of the

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How do I get more energy? – by Christina Leon

The demands placed upon us in today’s society – in our work place, home life and social circles – can leave many of us lacking in energy and living in a constant state of lethargy which is obviously not conducive to living a healthy happy life. If you struggle to get up in the morning,

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Opinions vs Evidence with Multivitamins

Multivitamins – What the Studies Actually Say by Brett Friedman

The use of multivitamin and mineral supplements (MVMs) has been a hugely controversial topic over the past couple of decades. These all-familiar supplements that line the shelves of our pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets have been repeatedly described by the media as being ‘a waste of money’ and ‘expensive urine’. In short, we are

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Stay nourished, because life can get hectic – by Jess Quinn

It’s pretty fair to say the life of Jess Quinn has been CRAZY busy as of late, hence the lack of blog updates. I’m someone who LOVES being busy, but over the past 3 months being on Dancing with the Stars I have learnt a whole new definition of the word busy and it’s during

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Winter Wellness Tips for a Happy Healthy You – by Christina Leon

Winter has arrived and now as we enter the coldest part of the year we can expect to see a large increase in traditional winter ailments. Colds, flu, winter blues – many of the issues we suffer from during this time of the year can be drastically reduced if we create some wonderfully healthy daily habits

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