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Your body is unique. So the vitamins you need to support a healthier you will be different from other people.

What makes us unique is how effortless we make it for you to create personalised, daily vitamin packs, delivered once-a-month to your door – and save.

Three simple steps

Answer some simple questions

This helps us understand which vitamins are best for you. It’s free, there is no obligation.

We create your personalised packs

We recommend the very best combination of vitamins, minerals & supplements for you. Add or remove as you see fit.

Get your packs delivered

Receive a box of personalized packs each month. Adjust or cancel any time. Shipping is free on orders over $40.

Each month a box arrives with your personalised packs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Love it or your money back.

At the heart of the system is the Wondermins Prescription Engine. It takes between 4-6 minutes to answer around 32 questions about your health goals & lifestyle.

The Prescription Engine takes into account a huge variety of factors such as age, sex, current nutrition, dosage, nutrient release rates & most importantly, the research.

All-in-all, a sophisticated algorithm sorts through many millions of combinations to arrive at just one recommendation that’s right for you.

As your health needs change, you can also run a new test anytime & update your Wondermins automatically or manually for the next month.

Doctors don’t prescribe the same solutions for everyone, so why rely on a basic multi-vitamin when it’s so easy to get a personalised, direct-to-you service?

The first saving comes from reducing waste. Take more of any vitamin than you need & the body simply expels those valuable nutrients out via your urine.

The second saving comes from convenience – you need never go to the store again.

The biggest savings are because there is no middleman. You can get personalised, hassle-free, high quality nutrients – sometimes at up to 30% less.

The following price check comparison was conducted in April 2018 between Wondermins & name brands from reputable stores.

Sample Pack Wondermins Name brand vitamins
B Complex $22.00 / mnth $28.99 / mnth 30 count bottle at $28.99
Turmeric $22.00 / mnth $36.99 / mnth 30 count bottle at $36.99
Magnesium $9.00 / mnth $12.59 / mnth 50 count bottle at $20.99
$53.00 / mnth 32% less $78.57 / mnth